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Forms have been categorised in each area for ease of location. Some of these require you to complete the form online whilst others are downloadable format to complete offline. If you have any enquires please contact us.


Form-01-SLSS-Honours-Nomination-Form pdf
Form-01-SLSS-Honours-Nomination-Form word

Aquatic Activity Risk Assessment and Management Form (pdf)
F-80 Manual Award Data in SurfGuard Form (pdf)



Refer to SLSNSW website for other Lifesaving information including SOP’s

Gear Inspection 2017 Documents & Information
Sydney Branch – Gear Inspection Guidelines – 2017-2018 FINAL 
Appendix B – SLSNSW Approved Radio Service Agents
Appendix C New vessel registration form
Appendix C Transfer of vessel form
Appendix D Sydney Branch IRB Gear Inspection Guide

First Aid Room Gear Inspection List.doc
First Aid Kit Equipment Gear Inspection
SLSNSW Minimum Patrolling Equipment Requirements

Other information and references :
Memo – Radio Information 17-18

Gear Inspection Briefing 17_18
LS5 – Gear and Equipment   (SLSNSW SOP)
SLSA Gear & Equipment Manual  
SLSNSW Gear & Equipment Manual

 3509_lifesaving_2017-18-gear-and-equipment-inspection-program   (SLSNSW Circular 3509)
3507_memberservices_2017-2018-compliance-requirements-for-clubs-and-branches (SLSNSW Circular 3507)



SLSS Course Registration Online Form

In-depth Proficiency Process


Trainer handout (pdf)
Assessor handout (pdf)
SLS Sydney Course and Assessment Paperwork Requirements (pdf)

Refer to SLSNSW website for any other education form or information


Surf Sports

Officials re licencing form (pdf)
Surf Coach re licencing form (pdf)

Support Operations


Junior Development

Age Manager Process (pdf)

Member Services