• Congratulations Brent Jackson Volunteer of the Year

    May 29, 2018 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    Bondi’s Brent Jackson was awarded Volunteer of the Year at our Branch Awards of Excellence Presentation held last Saturday evening.
    Over the past season Brent was asked to take on the role of Director of Education at Bondi SBLSC. He picked up with role with enthusiasm and commitment completely focused on setting goals for education at Bondi.  Through Brent’s hard work he was able to ensure that 20 probationary trainers were fully endorsed as Trainers in BM, ART, Spinal and IRB which assisted greatly with the education team at the Club.  His team of trainers successfully trained core awards including 105 Bronze Cert II, 29 SRCs, 3 SMIRBDrivers, 19 IRB Crew, and 82 ART awards with many more members gaining higher awards.  Patrol teams were provided with a skills matrix recommending that all patrolling members hold a First Aid award as well as ART.
    Brent also activated a small team to do a formal review of the clubs member loss rates. A complete data set of 10 years awards and patrols were put through data analysis to gain a better understanding of the lifecycle of a member.  Some amazing results came from this data analysis which the club is putting into action.
    Brent  also led the re-enactment of the 80th Anniversary of Black Sunday, a key moment in Bondi’s and SLSA history. He gathered a large team of volunteers to plan the event and held numerous meetings over the months leading up to the day. The re-enactment was designed to achieve the following aims – to educate club members and the broader public on the history of lifesaving and the events of Black Sunday 6th February 1938, to increase public awareness of the dangers of rips, promote beach safety and educate swimmers to always swim between the flags, to highlight the improvements in lifesaving techniques and resources in the last 80 years.  The success of the re-enactment event received much publicity including a statement in Parliament by Ms Upton on 8th February.
    Brent’s commitment, passion and delivery is testament to the meaning of volunteer.  Congratulations Brent Jackson, Sydney Branch Volunteer of the Year 2017-2018.