• Congratulations Doug Hawkins Volunteer of the Year Winner

    May 27, 2019 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    Season 18-19 was a big season for Doug with many hours each week delivered for SLS some of the major achievements were the following :
    As our drownings up and down the coast have continued and increase, it has become obvious that Community Education is a priority for our Clubs.
    This season Doug delivered eight major sessions working with Coogee SLSC and also the SLSNSW Community Education Team.
    Doug’s role within these sessions was to present the day, and organise all the fellow lifesavers and liaison with the community team. This season saw over 300 people go through the doors of the club, and enjoy not just a solid theory session but also very engaging beach sessions, where all the candidates went in the water supported by the lifesavers and learnt new skills.

    As Lead Trainer for the Coogee SRC’s for 18-19  the Club had 84 candidates which was a record number and most probably for SLS – the challenge here was to ensure we had very good engagement with the SRC’s and their parents, and also had quality time with them for their training, both Theory and Practical.
    This large number required a defined strategy and plan to ensure the Club could handle these numbers. With a number of meetings, and parents presentations we ensured that the training would be of the highest calibre, as these young men and women were becoming qualified lifesavers. We also needed to ensure the schedule worked for them in all aspects of their very busy lives Creating two defined groups – appointing the SRC’s to act as PC’s within their Patrols within the groups and ensuring our Youth Training team were all involved all added to delivering a very efficient and effective course.
    With this number of Candidates it could have been a very different outcome for the Club, but with good management, high engagement and effective club and member support, this course had some great outcomes with the Assessors giving some great compliments at their Part A and B. Patrol Captains have already given some solid feedback that this seasons SRC’s are very engaged on patrol and wanting to get involved using their new found skills.

    Doug has numerous achievements this season – too many to list, but in summary his commitment to SLS covers all facets of the organisation for the U6’s to the over 80’s and everyone in between. Doug’s efforts this season across many aspects of SLS has seen him engage with over 1300 members in the Club, Branch and across the state.
    Congratulations Doug Hawkins Coogee SLSC – a very worthy recipient of the prestigious award of Sydney Branch Volunteer of the Year.