Training Courses & TAF Information

Branch Facilitated Courses
Club members need to register their interest to attend Branch Facilitated Courses with their own Club Chief Training Officer or Club Administration.
Any further queries, please do not hesitate in contacting  or phone (02) 9019 0722.
Course dates are included in the Branch Lifesaving & Education Calendar within the website and advertised via Branch Circular.

TAF (Trainers, Assessors, Facilitators)  & Eduction Information
Please refer to SLSNSW website

TAF Re endorsement  (required every 2 years for Trainers & Assessors and annually for Facilitators)

Step 1  Professional Development Workshop You are required to access this workshop once every two (2) years to network with other TAFs and take part in professional development activities.
Step 2  Annual pre-season update You are required to access the pre-season update each year.   (if you did not attend Branch pre season meeting – you can access the pre season webinar from SLSNSW website. The annual pre-season provides TAFs information about any changes to courses, resources, policies and procedures that each TAF needs to be aware of for the upcoming season.
Step 3  Be active You need to train or assess or train and assess at least one nationally recognized training course every two (2) years.  If you are unable to complete Step 3, please contact the Branch Office.
Step 4: Skills maintenance Your proficiency!  You must ensure you are completing the skills maintenance for the awards that you train.

TAF re-endorsement can be completed via smartform via members area.  

Other information

Public Education
For further information contact Surf Life Saving NSW Ph. 94718000