Training Courses & TAF Information

Branch Facilitated Courses
Club members need to register their interest to attend Branch Facilitated Courses with their own Club Chief Training Officer or Club Administration.
Any further queries, please do not hesitate in contacting  or phone (02) 9019 0722.
Course dates are included in the Branch Lifesaving & Education Calendar within the website and advertised via Branch Circular.

TAF (Trainers, Assessors, Facilitators)  & Eduction Information
Please refer to SLSNSW website

TAF Re endorsement  (required every 2 years for Trainers & Assessors and annually for Facilitators)

November 2018 SLS NSW has advised Branch that the TAF Re-endorsement Form is now ‘ live’ in the SLSA Member Area. SLSNSW will be emailing to all TAFs who need to re-endorse to let them know and instructions on how to submit their re-endorsement application.
A point to note:
The re-endorsement form recognises TAF awards which expire this year (31/12/2018), so only those awards will be listed.
Those members with a combination of expiry dates – only 31/12/2018 award expiry will be listed for selection.
TAFs with awards with an expiry date of 31/12/2019 or 31/12/2020 do not need to re-endorse this year and the SMART form “Add Submission” will show the member a message saying “You do not have any TAF awards which are candidates for re-endorsement.”

Any TAF who has a 31/12/2017 or earlier expiry – needs to contact Branch office

Other information
Memo – Education Update – January 2019
Step by Step Guide – Accessing the online pre-season information session
Academy Volunteer Handbook 5.1 – 2016
Pre-Season Pack 2018


Public Education
For further information contact Surf Life Saving NSW Ph. 94718000