Betty’s Burgers – SLSS Members Offer

To celebrate their first year as partners, and to say thank you for your service, Betty’s Burgers would love to provide ongoing benefits to all SLSS volunteers exclusively.

Their first treat…enjoy a complimentary Betty’s Classic burger!

To access  treats  like this and more, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1
Register your SLSS volunteer status by clicking the link provided. Please fill in all details to enable exclusive volunteer benefits inside the  Betty’s Burgers app.

NOTE: If you already have a Betty’s Burgers app account, unfortunately, you will need to sign up using a different email address and creating a new Betty’s Burgers app account to access these benefits.

Step 2
Once you’ve completed the registration form, download the Betty’s Burgers app and log in using the same email address you just completed on the registration form.

Step 3
Once logged in, open the homepage and select the ‘FREEBIES’  tab (next to the benefits). Your SLSS exclusive treats will lie here always when active. Simply follow the instructions on the freebie and enjoy your treat!