Branch Office Bearers and Committees

Branch Officers & Committees for Season 2016-17

    • Patron
      Ernest Stephens OAM
    • President
      George Shales
    • Deputy President
      Peter Agnew ESM
    • Director of Finance
      John De Cean
    • Director of Lifesaving & Education
      Simon Torsellini
    • Director of Surf Sports
      Wayne Druery
    • Director of Members Services
      Trent Thomas
    • Director of Administration
      Keith Grima OAM
    • Director of Junior Development
      Doug Hawkins
    • Delegate to SLSNSW
      George Shales
    • Team Manager
      John De Cean
    • Team Coach
    • Hon Grievance Officer
    • Hon Legal Officer
      Bartier Perry Solicitors Pty Ltd
    • Hon Auditor
      Bell Partners
    • Hon IT Advisor
      Nexon Asia Pacific
    • Media
      George Shales
    • Judiciary Panel
      Gary Daly, Ian Goode OAM,  Peter Quartly, Ron Hegarty, Richard Bignold, Paul Fownes, Leo Hyde, Craig McKinnery, Peter Burst, Keith Grima OAM (DOA)
    • Finance and Compliance Committee
      Peter Pearce, Trevor Elliott, John De Cean (DOF)
    • Selection Committee
      John De Cean,  Wayne Druery (DOSS)
    • Life and Honours Membership Committee
      Peter Pearce, Ian Goode OAM, John De Cean, Peter Agnew ESM, Peter Quartly, Ron Pears OAM, John Restuccia, Keith Grima OAM (DOA)
    • Constitution Committee
      John De Cean, Peter Quartly, Leo Hyde, Keith Grima OAM (DOA)
    • Lifesaving and Education Committee (LSEC)

    • Manager Lifesaving
      Matthew Evans
    • Manager Education
      Marissa Saunders
    • Manager Support Operations
      Joel Wiseman
    • Lifesaving Operational Area Coordinators
      Waverley – Peter Quartly, Randwick – Matt Spooner, Cronulla/Sutherland – Graham Hill, RNP – Mark Wood
    • Education Operational Area Coordinators
      Waverley – Paul Hotton, Randwick – Beck Mister, Cronulla/Sutherland – Stephen Urquhart, RNP – Peter Pearce
    • ORB Coordinator
      James Caterson
    • RWC Coordinator
      Andrew McKellar
    • Surf Sports Committee (SSC)

    • Deputy Director Surf Sports
      Greg Pierce
    • SSC Secretary
      Tracey Green
    • Manager Competition
      Carlo Vilanti
    • Junior Competition Coordinator
      Michael Day
    • Members Services Committee (MSC)

    • Club Development Officer
      Rachelle McCarthy
    • Member Protection & Information Officer
      Paul Hotton
    • Member Recognition Officer
      Julian Vincent
    • WH & S Officer
      Debbie Midwinter
    • Youth Development Officer
      Rosemarie Taliano
    • Junior Development Committee (JDC)

    • Deputy Chair
      Marcelo Garay
    • Secretary/Treasurer
      Donna Hargreaves
    • Competition Advisor
      Michael Day
    • Lifesaving Advisor
      George Benhayon