Junior Lifesaver of the Year (JLOTY)

Each season SLS Sydney Junior Development Committee hold the Junior Lifesaver of the Year competition which is open to any U14 from across the Sydney Clubs who holds their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) award.

This award is assess on a wide range of skills and achievements at Nippers and in the wider community.

The candidates gained their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) in the U14’s of the current season, and have completed their time at ‘Nippers’, now graduating to serving on patrol in their SLS red and yellow uniform.

The nominated candidates are interviewed by a panel from Sydney Branch including members of the Branch Junior Development and  Lifesaving and Education Committee’s, plus previous winners.

Each candidate is interviewed and assessed on their knowledge of SLS, their active involvement within their own surf club and extended community, their leadership skills, communication and presentation skills, and their plans for their own future role within Surf Lifesaving.

2022-2023 Winners
Sophie Garvin – North Bondi & Calum Reiter – Coogee

Highly Commended 22-23
Caitlyn Lee – Coogee, Kelian Bourgeois – Bondi

2022-2023 Finalists were:
 Emily Alder – Bondi, Kelian Bourgeois – Bondi, Charlie James – Bronte, Henry Baxter – Bronte, Calum Reiter – Coogee, Caitlyn Lee – Coogee, Henry Schneider – Cronulla, Annabelle Howison – Cronulla, Miah Georgas – Maroubra, Max Sullivan – Maroubra, Sophia Garvin – North Bondi, Scarlett Hoerr – North Cronulla, Brody Trivett-Clarke – North Cronulla, Emily Henville – South Maroubra, Christopher Kondilios – South Maroubra, Jimmy Potauaine – Wanda, Charlotte Bowmer – Wanda

Past winners of this SLS Sydney Award  :
2021-2022 Jasmine Springall – North Cronulla & Lennox Southwell – North Cronulla
2020-2021 Maggie Eisenhauer- Bronte   &   Noah Teitler-South Maroubra
2019-2020 Yasmeen Janschek-   Coogee & Rory Davey – Bondi
2018-2019  Sarah Teitler – South Maroubra, Thomas McFarland Bondi
2017-2018  Sophie Burns – Elouera, Riley Porteous, Wanda 
2016-2017  Bridget Crick – South Maroubra, Asher Wilson – Coogee
2015-2016 Chloe Walker – Coogee,  Michael DeFrancesca – North Cronulla
2014-2015 Emily Maythers – North Cronulla, Jed Buckley – Wanda
2013-2014  Shea Garcia – Elouera, Brianna Tier – Maroubra
2012-2103  Austin Wem – South Maroubra, Chelsea Williams – Elouera
2011-2012  Lillian Hassett – North Cronulla, Lachlan Callaghan – Coogee
2010-2011  Lachlan Pryke – Wanda, Lauren Rofe – Wanda
2009-2010  Callum Good – South Maroubra, Briana Polson – Elouera