Branch Office Bearers and Committees

Branch Officers & Committees for Season 2021-22

      • Patron
        Geoff Forshaw
      • President
        Peter Agnew ESM
      • Deputy President
        Pat Garcia
      • Director of Administration
        Elissa Hancock
      • Director of Finance
        Athenia Pascoe
      • Director of Lifesaving & Support Operations
        Matt Spooner (resigned), Scott Muir (Acting Aug. Endorsed December)
      • Director of Education
        Craig Howie (acting Sept. Endorsed December)
      • Director of Surf Sports
        Carlo Villanti 
      • Director of Members Services
        Doug Hawkins  
      • Director of Junior Development
        David Love
      • Delegate to SLSNSW
        Peter Agnew ESM
      • Assistant Director of Finance
        to be filled from within Finance committee
      • Financial Advisor
        Paul Farrugia
      • Digital / IT Manager
        William Charles
      • Social Media Manager
      • SLSS Team Manager
        Maxwell Serpa Gonzalez, Donna Hargreaves
      • SLSS Team Coach
      • Hon Grievance Officer
        Keith Grima OAM
      • Honorary Legal Advisory Panel
        Gilbert Olzomer & other members formed as required appointed by BOM
      • Hon Legal Officer
        Bartier Perry Solicitors Pty Ltd
      • Hon Auditor
      • Hon IT Advisor
        Mobile Geeks
      • Media
        Peter Agnew
      • Judiciary Committee
        Ian Goode OAM, Matthew Evans, Keith Grima OAM, Gary Daly, Phillip Carter,  Marissa Saunders, Peter Burst, Kane Hughes, Peter Quartly, Paul Fownes APM OAM, Tim Murray, Andrew Christopher, Phil Griffiths, Mark Doepel, Glen Clarke   
      • Finance and Compliance Committee
        Phillip Carter, Peter Pearce  OAM, Marissa Saunders,  Paul Farrugia, Athenia Pascoe  (Director of Finance)
      • Competition Selection Committee
        George Benhayon, Donna Hargreaves, Brooke Thatcher,  Jake Moses, Carlo Villanti (Director of Surf Sports)
      • Life Membership  & Honours Committee
         Matthew Evans, Keith Grima OAM, John Restuccia OAM, Peter Pearce OAM, Peter Quartly, John De Cean OAM, Graham Bruce,  Elissa Hancock (Director of Administration), Doug Hawkins (Director of Member Services)
      • Constitution Committee
        Keith Grima OAM, Peter Quartly, Elissa Hancock (Director of Administration)       1 vacant position
      • Lifesaving and Support Operations Committee (LSOC)

      • Manager Lifesaving
        Scott Muir (resign) , acting Michael Bonnici (Aug) Endorsed December
      • Manager Support Operations
        Jackson Towns
      • Lifesaving Operational Area Coordinators
        Waverley – Rachel Feakes, Randwick – Ben Heenan, Cronulla/Sutherland – Robert Short, RNP – Mark Wood
      • ORB Coordinator
        Jake McDonald
      • RWC Coordinator
        Andrew McKellar
      • UAV Coordinator
        James McLennan
      • Emergency Management Coordinator
        Kane Hughes
      • Duty Officer Coordinator
        Michael Byrne (Endorsed December)
      • Education Committee (EC)

      • Branch Education Manager
        Phillip Carter (Endorsed December)
      • Education Operational Area Coordinators
        Waverley – Maxwell Serpa Gonzalez,  Randwick – Phillip Carter, Cronulla/Sutherland – Brett Furniss,  RNP – David Staples
      • Surf Sports Committee (SSC)

      • Deputy Director Surf Sports
        Jake Moses
      • SSC Administration Manager
        Donna Hargreaves
      • Senior Competition Manager
        Peter Burst
      • Junior Competition Manager
        George Benhayon
      • Members Services Committee (MSC)

      • Member Protection & Information Officer
      • Membership &  Recognition Officer
        Marissa Saunders
      • Welfare Officer
        Felicity Colbourne
      • WH & S Officer
        Cameron Simpson
      • Youth Development Officer
        Michael Bonnici
      • Junior Development Committee (JDC)

      • Deputy Chair
        Uri Teitler
      • Secretary/Treasurer
        Michele Cole
      • Junior Competition Manager
        George Benhayon
      • Lifesaving Advisor
        Megan Still