Celebrating 40 Years of Women in SLS

July 2, 2022 Sydney Branch held the 41 Years of Women in Surf Life Saving celebration lunch.  A fabulous day had by the 200 guests who were entertained by Amber Lawrence, Soulganic and a very entertaining Panel of Guest Speakers.  The Branch annual report 21-22  has some great images from the event. 
Clubs have been provided with images from the event.
Thank you to all who attended.

Rescheduled Event – 2 July 2022
Horizons, South Maroubra SLSC

Circular 41








Postponement of 40 Years of Women

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and interest in wanting to Celebrate 40 Years of Women in Surf Life Saving.
In keeping with the recent tightening of COVID restrictions in NSW, the interests of our members, and the communities health and wellbeing, the Celebration Lunch on 12 September, will be postponed to a date next year. It will become Celebrating 41 Years of Women in Surf Life Saving.

Surf Life Saving Sydney is pleased to confirm that our 40 Years of Women Celebration will now be held on Sunday 12 September 2021 at 12-3.30pm
The format will remain unchanged with a Q&A panel, keynote speeches and live entertainment – we look forward to celebrating with members past and present for the special occasion. 
To confirm or update your existing Club booking please email clubdevelopment@surflifesavingsydney.com.au by Friday 3rd September. Ticket Price of $85 includes Welcome Drink & 2 Course Lunch.

As per email 22/6  distributed to all Clubs
Surf Life Saving Sydney regrets to advise that the planned 40 Years of Women in Surf Life Saving celebration scheduled for this Saturday at Horizons South Maroubra has been postponed due to the increasing COVID cluster in the local area. 
Surf Life Saving Sydney will monitor the current situation over the next few weeks before determining a new date for the event

40 Years of Women in Surf Life Saving
It’s celebration time!

Saturday 26 June 2021 – Celebration lunch  refer to Branch Circular 02 for all information and ticket information   
download here

It is an absolute pleasure to be launching Surf Life Saving Sydney’s season that marks 40 years of women in our great organisation. We will be celebrating this milestone by reflecting on our history with stories and profiles of some the amazing women within our movement. We hope to highlight how far this organisation has come in the past 40 years shed some light on the women who helped us get to where we are now.

Throughout the season that marks #40YearsOfWomen we will be sharing lots of stories and we want to hear from YOU our members.  So if you are interested in sharing your story or know someone who is please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As such we say thank you to the many members of these clubs not profiled but have no doubt played their own role in the development of women in our movement.

Rebecca Waugh

This #40YearsofWomen facebook profile is all about Rebecca Waugh and the two blues of Coogee SLSC.  Coogee has always been the club for Rebecca despite growing up in Maroubra.

Rebecca was a pioneer for women in the club, being one of approximately 6 women members when she attained her bronze in 1986.  She is proud of giving back to community, having taken on many club roles over the years and is currently the Director of Youth.

To read more about Rebecca then click here for the full story.

Dori Miller
In this #40 Years of Women profile there is a touch of the Pan Pacs going on!
Dori Miller, Bondi SBLSC, came to Australia from the USA as a surf novice and after 10 years is leaving many in her wake both on the competition scene and via the many administrative roles she has taken on.
It’s no surprise part of Dori’s advice is to “Give it a Go!” Click here to read Dori’s story.

Sandra Fox 
Our #40 Years of Women continues with Sandra Fox from Tamarama SLSC.  In 2014 Sandra became the first female Life Member of Tamarama, what a great first.
Sandra sees the challenges faced by women in SLS are not dissimilar to those women face and have faced elsewhere in society.  This is constantly evolving – women are now actively welcomed into clubs, found in all leadership levels within SLS, along with female mentoring and leadership programs. “I am glad to see there has been change there, fortunately.” 
“My closest friends are mostly those I met through SLS, as we all had a common interest to start with. “ 
For more about Sandra click here 

Simone Golik

Continuing to celebrate #40yearsofwomen we look towards Maroubra SLSC and to Simone Golik in particular.

After attending an open day at Maroubra, where Simone was made to feel welcome and at ease, she joined the club.  There was a little bit of resistance by some at the club towards women, however the club became very progressive and accepting very quickly.  This is testament to Simone having the honour of becoming Maroubra’s first Patrol Captain in 1999. 

Simone is very proud of having performed 20 years at 100% patrol efficiency.  To read more about Simone’s experiences please click on the link

Sarah Davis

Today in celebrating #40YearsOfWomen we focus our attention on Sarah Davis from North Bondi SLSC.  What an amazing Brit to take on the challenge of the Australian coastline – from pebbles to sand, ripples to waves, and not to mention adapting to the eclectic culture of surf life saving!

Sarah gained her bronze, then went on to be a Trainer, Assistant Education Director, Club Vice Captain, Competition Director and attained her Gold Medallion.

For everything Sarah has gained from Surf Life Saving she has contributed back one hundred fold, and believes “The more you put in, the more you get back.”  Speaking of more, click here to read further about Sarah’s Surf Life Saving story. 

Karon Lekeu

This week in our celebration of #40YearsOfWomen we would like to recognise and share the journey of Karon Lekeu from Clovelly Surf Lifesaving Club.

For Many of our members joining the movement is a family affair – such can be said for Karon who joined Clovelly with her husband and two daughters.
It didn’t take long for Karon to take on key roles within the club from Age managers roles to Patrol captain and club management.
Most notably, Karon led Clovelly SLSC as its President between 2016-2019.
It is a pleasure to be able to recognise Karon’s commitment to her club and local community. Read more about Karon’s achievements

Pat Dillon
Today we turn our attention to Garie Surf Life Saving Club and member Patricia Dillon especially.

Pat joined the movement in the early 80’s and has (although she may not have realised it) played an important role in leading the way for female members after her. Pat has been a leader at Garie SLSC through various roles such as Deputy President and other managerial positions.

Most importantly she has led through her attitude of being able to “… roll up your sleeves and work part of a team”. Something that has no doubt played large part in some of the clubs most recent accolades such SLSS Club of The Year.
Pat’s recognition marks the coverage of our three National Park Surf Clubs as part of our #40yearsofwomen celebrations.  To read the full story on Pat click here.
Katherine & Jenny Conder
Surf life Saving Sydney will take this opportunity to recognise Kate and Jenny Conder from Elouera SLSC.  
Kate and Jenny are an inspirational pair who have been involved in the movement for the past 22 years. They are also twins !
From training members, competition in Surf Sports to Surf Awareness Clinics, Kate and Jenny are across it all.  Our members are our greatest assets and it is women like Kate and Jenny who make this true.
We spoke to the pair about their experience and would like to call out some imparted wisdom:
“The hardest thing for young females is getting them to stay in the organisation when they go through their teenage years”.
Advice – “Keep at it, believe in yourself and look for a mentor or supporter.  SLS is more than just coming first, it gives you so many opportunities, leadership skills and social networks that you will cherish for the rest of your life”

Jacqui Russell (nee Robinson)
It is a pleasure to recognise and share the story of Jacqui Russell from South Maroubra SLSC.
Jacqui is a decorated Australian Surf Sports champion and has very much paved the way for our female competitors today. Her dedication to Surf Sports, Lifesaving and to her club for nearly 30 years is no small achievement and one that we are proud to recognise.

We asked Jacqui what her highlights were of her time in Surf Life Saving, here’s what she had to say:
“Being a multiple Australian and World Surf Race Champion is the obvious highlight but there are a lot more as well. Surf Lifesaving was an activity that I shared with my father and it strengthened our relationship. Sharing my victories with my father was special because he had sacrificed many things for my swimming.

Travelling around the world was another highlight as I was fortunate to visit many places. I met many wonderful people through Surf Lifesaving, many of who I am still friends with today.”
It’s been a pleasure to share your story in the season that marks #40YearsofWomen.  Click here for more of Jacqui’s story.


Anita Pryke (nee Bickley)
SLSS would like to take this time to celebrate and recognise the achievements of Anita Pryke from Wanda Surf Life Saving Club. Anita has a rich history within this movement, being among first women to complete her bronze.
As part of the season that marks #40YearsofWomen we will continue to share the stories of our members and recognise their contributions in shaping what the organisation is today. 
Anita, Thank you.  Read more about Anita’s story.

Kelly Hedderman
Surf Life Saving Sydney would like to recognise Kelly Hedderman of Era Surf Life Saving Club. Kelly is a passionate, long serving member who has served as part of the Era Management Committee for the past 18 years and was one of the first female Life Members of the club. Kelly is a mentor to the next generation of Surf Life Savers and will no doubt help lead our movement into the future. 

As the season approaches we would encourage every club to think about how you will celebrate the season that marks #40YearsofWomen.   Click here for more about Kelly.

Joan Vaughan
It is my pleasure to open this initiative by sharing with you Surf Life Saving Sydney Life Member – Joan Vaughan.  Joan’s involvement in the movement dates back longer than the 40 years which we are celebrating. Joan has had an impact in all levels of the movement. We are incredibly proud to share her story- stay tuned for more information about Joan and her story in the coming week.  Click to read more of Joan’s story.