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Work Health & Safety (WHS) Assets and Related Resources First Steps and Checks to WHS in your Club Please click on the link below as a starting point in helping you with WHS in your club. First Steps and Checks
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WHS Assets  
SLSA Guidelines for Safer Surf Clubs V4 May 2020
  • Chapter 1—An Introduction to Health and Safety
  • Chapter 2—Risk Management Process and Club Safety Inspections
  • Chapter 3—Common Hazards in the Surf Club Environment
  • Chapter 4—Special Events and Event Safety
Guidelines for Safer Surf Clubs
The Essential Guide to Work Health and Safety for Volunteers This guide from Safe Work Australia provides information on how the new work health and safety (WHS) laws apply to volunteers, their rights and obligations. It outlines ways a volunteer can meet their work health and safety duties and explains what volunteers can expect from the organisations they volunteer for. WHS for Volunteers (Safe Work Australia)
SafeWork NSW Covers the legal obligations for volunteering in NSW and an easy to do WHS toolkit. Safe Work NSW Legal Obligations for Volunteering
Sporting clubs guide to a safe workplace This guide provides information and advice to help sporting organisations and clubs comply with new WHS laws and incorporate safety management into their daily operations. Information provided here should be used in conjunction with your state or territory’s approved WHS Codes of Practice.  Aus Sports Commission - a safe workplace
SLSA eLearning Courses - Safety and Wellbeing This is a four(4) part interactive training in SLSA eLearning called "SLS - Safer Surf Clubs" Safer Surf Clubs eLearning
SLS NSW Standard Operating Procedure The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to communicate the health and safety responsibilities of our surf lifesaving volunteer personnel with the aim of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for lifesavers and others at all times. SLSNSW SOP for WHS
Surf Life Saving Club Gymnasium forms To assist you with the management of your surf life saving club gymnasiums. It is intended for SLS members utilising the club’s gymnasium. Any Surf life saving club operating as a public gymnasium needs to ensure the appropriate local government approvals and insurance cover are in place. Gym Member Forms
SLS Club WHS Self-Audit Checklist V2 May 2019 Checklist to be completed and submitted annually to your SLS state/territory safety officer. Club WHS Self-Audit
SLS Policies and Guidelines Self-Audit Checklist V2 August 2019 Audit your knowledge on SLSA policies and guidelines covering WHS in your surf lifesaving club WHS Policies & Guidelines
SLS Club Member Safety Brochure A quick guide to safety and wellbeing for all club members. There is also a version which can be downloaded onto your club’s website - SLS Member Safety Brochure v2 Aug 2019_Website version Member Safety Guide
Club Emergency Evacuation Checklist V3 May 2018 SLS Club Emergency Evacuation Checklist  
SLS Club Health and Safety Inspection Form and Risk Register An offline SLS Health and Safety Inspection Form Template for club safety inspections. Maps out hazard identification, risk assessment, a risk reduction plan and actions to be taken. WHS Inspection Form Risk Register
SLSA Sample Surf Club Hazard and Risk Register v1 May 2018 SLSA Sample Surf Club Hazard and Risk Register. Hazards are categorised eg. chemical, behavioural, environmental, ergonomic etc. Hazard & Risk Register
Workers compensation  
1. Who is entitled to make a claim? 2. Steps to take 3. iCare Requirements  
Works Compensation Resources 1. SLSNSW Workers Compensation SLSNSW Workers Compensation Information
Incident Notification What incidents need to be reported to WorkCover? When is an injury or illness serious? How do you notify an incident? Do you need to notify incidents that relate to contractors, employees and others? Do you still have 24 hours to notify WorkCover of incidents other than a death? How do you determine if an incident is notifiable or not? Work Health & Safety Resources Incident Notification Form
Incident Notification Resources 1. Incident Notification Flow Chart 2. WHS Act 2011 Incident Notification - FQA Sheet 3. What to Do 4. WHS Poster - Injuries and Incidents Notification Flow Chart WH&S Act 2011 What to Do Injuries & Accidents poster
Club Management Induction  
Club Management Induction Program The Club Management Induction Program is made up of three parts: 1. Surf Life Saving NSW Club Management Induction Pack 2. Local Induction 3. Role-specific information Club Management Induction
SLS Member Induction Checklist V2 May 2018 SLS Club member induction checklist for new and existing members. A great way to ensure all members are across WHS issues. Member Induction Checklist
SLS Contractor Inductions Checklist V1 May 2018 This checklist should be used at the time of contractor engagement for all service contractors to demonstrate they have been provided with all reasonable health and safety related information and instruction related to the surf club (workplace) and work therein. The surf club must retain a copy of the checklist and associated documentation. Contractor Induction Checklist
Member Welfare  
Critical Incident Support Member Welfare Guide - Support available for members following a critical incident Critical Incident Support Resources
Critical Incident Member Resources 1. Member Welfare Guide - A support guide for SLSNSW Members involved in critical incidents 2. Critical Incident Support - Information for Family & Friends 3. Critical Incident Management Support Procedures 4. Critical Incident Debrief (under Emergency Response on the website) Member Welfare Guide Family & Friends Info Mgmt Support Procedures Critical Incident Debrief
Duty Officer Resources 1. SLSNSW Member Statement Form Member Statement Form
Member Protection Information Officer Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) play an important role in community and sporting organisations. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures and are the first point of call in the club for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour. The MPIO provides information about possible ways to resolve the issue and offers moral support to the person who raises the concern or the person who is the subject of the alleged behaviour. The MPIO will treat all information as strictly confidential. Member Protection Information Officer
Member Safeguarding The Safeguarding Children and Young People Program assists Surf Life Saving in our commitment to the protection of children from abuse, harm and exploitation. Member Safeguarding
Fact Sheets - Resources on the Assure website Assure is one of Australia’s leading mental health organisations. The website offers assistance to individuals and organisations across the entire mental wellbeing spectrum. 1. Switching off from tech 2. Positive family relationships 3. Looking after your mental health 4. Nutrition and psychological wellbeing 5. Managing stress effectively 6. Men's mental health strategies Just to name a few Assure Resources Tip Sheets
Additional Resources  
SLSA Members Portal There are numerous resources dealing with WHS in the document library. Click on the Work Health & Safety category for additional resources. There are approximately 35 documents dealing with this matter. (document library under WHS) SLSA Members Portal
Australian CoastSafe SLSA have developed The Australian Coastal Public Safety Guidelines Provides useful resources for club management on safety and wellbeing in a coastal and beach environment. Australian CoastSafe