Gear Inspection

As part of preparations in readiness each season and for audit and compliance, our Clubs and Services undergo an annual gear inspection of Gear and Equipment for lifesaving. This is conducted prior to each season.  

Gear Inspection Information for Clubs  2023/24
Saturday 2 September 2023 – RNP & Bate Bay Clubs
Saturday 9 September 2023 – Waverley & Randwick Clubs & SR30

Thursday 10  August 2023  Pre Gear Inspection meeting for all clubs and Services        Link to presentation

Sydney IRB Gear Inspection Information – Appendix to Guidelines August 2023

Sydney Branch Gear Inspection Guidelines 2023-24 

SLSNSW Circular 3778 UPDATE

First Aid Kit & First Aid Room Checklists

Circular 04

SLSNSW Circular 3778

SLSNSW Circular 3773 – Radios

Club Radio Offers