Surf Sports Committee Office Bearers

Surf Sports Committee (SSC) 2020-21

    • Director of Surf Sports
      Carlo Vilanti
    • Deputy Director of Surf Sports
      Jake Moses
    • Surf Sports Administration Manager
      Donna Hargreaves
    • Senior  Competition Manager
      Peter Burst
    • Junior Competition Manager
      Michael Day
    • Advisors

    • Interbranch Team Coordinator/s
      Donna Hargreaves & Michele Cole
    • Officials Coordinator
      Graham Bruce
    • Coaching Coordinator
      George Benhayon
    • Assistant Competition Manager
      Brooke Thatcher
    • Technical  Advisor
      Greg Allum OAM AM
    • Surf Boat Coordinator
      Grant Wilkinson
    • R & R Coordinator
       David Love
    • Watercraft and IRB Coordinator
      Robert Walker
    • March Past Coordinator
      Farah Messina  
    • Equipment Coordinator
      Peter Burst
    • Safety and Risk Coordinator
      James Caterson (appointed Aug)
    • Board Riding Coordinator
    • Pool Advisor
      Max Serpa Gonzalez
    • Competition Selection Committee
      George Benhayon, Brooke Thatcher, Carlo Vilanti (DOSS)
    • SLSS Team Manager
      Maxwell Serpa Gonzalez
    • SLSS Team Coach
  • Surf Sports Committee meetings
    Held 2nd Thursday of each month refer to Branch website Surf Sports Calendar for dates and venues.