Duty Officers

Duty Officers are highly experienced lifesavers who are trained and skilled in the coordination of responses to serious incidents – both during patrol hours and after-hours as required.

During Patrol Hours Duty Officers assist the patrol captain with the management of an incident on or around a beach, SurfCom will despatch a Duty Officers who will attend the incident if required. Duty Officers are able to complement the efforts of beach patrols through:

  • Coordinating the response of Support Operations Group resources (eg Offshore Rescue Boats, RWC Jet Skis and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter)
  • Liaising as required with police and emergency services
  • Taking the necessary steps in the event of injuries etc to patrol members

Outside Patrol Hours Duty Officers work with emergency services in the event of an aquatic rescue event occurring between Sydney Heads in the north to the royal National Parks in the south. They will coordinate the response of any surf lifesaving resources required ensuring the most appropriate response is provided to assist the emergency services.

Should you require any additional information please contact the Support Operations Manager via the Sydney Branch Office 90190722.