Season 2016-2017 : Patrols commence Saturday 24th  September 2016 and conclude Tuesday 25th April 2017

The primary role of the surf clubs within Sydney Branch is to provide a safe aquatic environment for the community on our beaches and coastline from North Bondi to Burning Palms. While doing so, our Clubs offer our members many opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle, responsibility and purpose, positive social interaction skills, and of course having fun.

Surf lifesavers patrol our beaches from September through to April on every weekend and public holidays during the season. These dedicated Patrol teams are made up of members ranging from age 13 years upwards who have been trained in the skills, techniques and procedures for either the Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion award.

Our Patrolling members are easily identified by the distinctive DHL sponsored ‘Surf Rescue uniform’ of red/yellow quartered cap, yellow long sleeve t shirt and red shorts.

The Branch encourages all our members to continue up skill their awards and lifesaving experience, by training for new awards.   Members should go the education section of our web site to get further information on pre requites and course time tables at our 15 Clubs.

Rapid response

Support Operations are a critical part of lifesaving services in the Sydney Branch.  With some of Australia’s most popular beaches and Coastline within the branch, the team are regular called upon for assistance both in and outside patrol hours.  This dedicated team of men and women who are on call 24 hours a day, provide another layer of support in keeping our beaches and aquatic environment safe.  

The team use a network of support services, including helicopters, jet skis, off shore rescue boats and rescue water crafts to save lives.