• Branch Rescue of the Month March – Cronulla SLSC

    Apr 19, 2023 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    Congratulations to  Cronulla SLSC and in particular 17 year old member Brandon Leelong who has been recognised and rewarded as Branch Rescue of the Month March 2023.

    At around 7.15 pm on Monday 6 March 2023, a lady in her mid 40s went into the water at Cronulla beach on her own but outside of the rip (middle north end of the beach) she looked confident entering the water and looked like she could swim.  A few minutes later the swimmer was caught in the rip and within seconds dragged about 70 metres out to sea. While members of the public started to seek help, one of Cronulla newest patrolling members, 17 year old Brandon Leelong picked up the club rescue board and paddled out to the lady in distress.

    Brandon was not just able to get to the patient quickly, he was also the first one to notice the lady had been taken further out to sea.

    Upon paddling back to shore with the lady, Brandon observed the lady looking to be non responsive. Fellow club member George Ordenes assisted the lady from the board assessing the patient who  was in shock and thankfully responsive,  she advised that she had not swallowed any water.

    This rescue by Brandon certainly may have had a different outcome if he had not spotted the situation as early as he did to be able to effectively rescue this swimmer.  

    Congratulations to you Brandon and thank you.