• Branch Winner Rescue of the Month December 2017

    Jan 16, 2018 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    The Branch received a number of outstanding nominations for the December 2017 ROM period.
    Coogee SLSC rescue conducted  2nd December by members  Colin Magee and Justin Richardson
    Cronulla SLSC rescue conducted 6th December by your member Darcy MacPherson
    SR30/DO/RWC/Randwick Lifeguard rescue conducted 31st December. 
    To all those involved in these rescues you are to be commended on your efforts. The Branch is only able to submit one nomination to SLSNSW each month for ROM and on this occasion the rescue conducted 31st December 2017 by members of SR30, RWC Operator, Duty Officers, Randwick Lifeguard has been submitted for State.  Details of the rescue can be read here SR30-RWC-LGS-DO-Nomination for Rescue of the Month December 2017v2