This Internationally famous stretch of beach is located just 7km from downtown Sydney. It is by far NSW’s most popular beach, surrounded by the most densely populated part of the city. Bondi Beach was host to the Olympic Beach Volleyball Stadium in September 2000.

While not as safe for bathing as North Bondi, it proves popular due to the more exposed beach, providing larger swells. Consequently, Bondi SLSC has almost twice as many rescues on average than it’s northern neighbour. Two or three rip currents are not uncommon, with a stronger and more permanent rip running along the southern headland.

Bondi is a popular destination with tourists and backpackers and often, inexperienced people will find themselves in trouble. Bondi SLSC provides a strong presence throughout the summer months, with council lifeguards watching over the beach 365 days a year, so the red and yellow flags are always up.