The second most popular beach after Bondi, this 400m long beach is very similar in its features. Backed by a densely populated area the beach boasts a large park and promenade, two rock pools to the south near the surf club and a great, safe family atmosphere. The beach is relatively safe, with an average of only 35 rescues per year, despite its popularity.


Wedding Cake Island, located approximately 800m from shore is responsible for absorbing much of the wave energy off Coogee. As a result, bathers don’t generally go surfing, as much as they just get wet. The ‘Coogee Edge’ is a regular shore break that runs the length of the steep beach. This break and strong rips should be watched during periods of high wave conditions and easterly swells. However, all things considered, Coogee is the safest patrolled beach in the Eastern Suburbs.