The northern most surf club of the four Bate Bay clubs, Wanda patrols the longest stretch of beach in the Sutherland Shire – along the 3km of Greenhills and up to Boat Harbour. Wanda is the third surf clubs to be formed in the Sutherland Shire and has ample parking and parkland before backing onto the remaining Kurnell sand dunes.

Wanda is a fairly safe beach, popular with swimmers and surf craft with its nice waves. Rips are located roughly every 200m along the beach and swimmers should be wary of where they swim. Flags are generally placed near the Wanda Clubhouse so lifesavers can keep a better eye on swimmers. The car park at the north of the clubhouse is generally as far as the crowds go and South of this point is where the waves begin to pick up. The large section of beach to the north is generally only patrolled by the council lifeguards 4WD and roving patrols.

A helipad located to the north of Wanda gives the Lifesaver 1 Rescue Helicopter access for patient transports and rescues on the Bate Bay beaches.