• Cronulla SLSC member recognised for Sydney Branch ROM September 2022

    Oct 17, 2022 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    Congratulations to Cronulla SLSC member Melissa Halpin who has been awarded Sydney Branch Rescue of the Month winner for September 2022. Whilst holidaying in Phuket, Thailand, member Melissa successfully carried out not one but two rescues.

    Once a Lifesaver, always rescue ready. Now this is a great news story. During September whilst staying at the Centara Grand Hotel, Melissa  
    saved 2 people’s lives after rescuing them from the water on two separate occasions. Being a trained Lifesaver, you will probably save someone’s life too.
    1st rescue
    Melissa was sitting poolside watching the surf which was very choppy and a rip. Melissa had just finished 1 hour of laps (as you do on holidays). Melissa was chatting and noticed 3 guests in the rip and one looked like she was drowning. Without hesitation, Melissa ran out into the surf and swam about 150 metres to grab hold of a female who was struggling to stay above the water. Melissa managed to get hold of her arm and give
    her instructions to follow her out of the rip The girl would have drowned if not for Melissa’s actions.

    2nd rescue
    A day or two later, Melissa had been watching all swimmers every day after the first rescue. Melissa was sitting poolside when Melissa heard a man calling out for help. Melissa ran into the surf where there was a strong rip and saw a female further out approximately 100 metres from shore who was drowning. The man was telling Melissa that the female could swim well. Melissa struggled with only 4 hours sleep after a fun night on holidays, Melissa got hold of the female who was vomiting and trying to stay above water. Melissa managed to bring her close to shore by holding her in a recovery grip under her shoulders. Melissa and her friend carried the girl to shore. Both the female and male were very grateful for Melissa’s heroic action. The female was taken to see a
    doctor however Melissa was ready to perform CPR. 
    Lesson learnt for everyone and Melissa where possible use rescue
    equipment.  Congratulations and well-done Melissa