• ROM April Branch Winner – Surf Rescue 30 & RWC Operator

    May 18, 2022 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    Congratulations to the following members of Surf Rescue 30, Doug Lucas, Darren Tannock, William Davison, Marcus Karozis and RWC Ski Operator Rachelle (Coco) McCarthy who have been awarded Branch Rescue of the Month for April 2022.
    On Friday 15th April 2022  at approximately 3.20pm Surf Rescue 30 received a tasking from Sydney 10 requesting attendance at Yellow Rock Malabar in relation to a possible medical incident on the rocks.
    Rescue 30 were on scene within two minutes and identified a person on the rock shelf needing assistance. SR30 with the assistance of Support Ski 3operator Coco McCarthy were able to get their highly trained crew to the rock shelf to assist with a medical assessment. At the time swell conditions were tricky with about a 1.5m ESE swell and a low tide meaning the climb onto the rocks was difficult due to the moss and slippery conditions. PolAir – NSW Police Force Airwing, winched a crewman from the helicopter onto the rocks in an attempt to provide medical treatment to the 50-year-old male patient suffering from severe pain and spasm through his back and was unable to move. The patient was with his 20-year-old son who were both at the time rock fishing. PolAir were unable to assist and left the scene requesting Toll to attend. Toll Ambulance Rescue winched a crewman on to the rock shelf where the patient was administered medication to relieve the pain. During this process the crew of SR30 stayed with the patient comforting him and updating SR30 and SurfCom of the conditions. The patient was winched to a nearby park where they were transferred to hospital.  SR30 then assisted the son to climb from the rock shelf himself to the top with awaiting paramedics and police. Support Ski 3 safely returned the SR30 crewmen to the vessel at 5.20pm. It was very pleasing to see that both rock fishermen were wearing lifejackets and had cleats on their shoes with stability on the rocks.
    Please remember to stay safe on
    the rocks and in the water this Easter.!