• ROM October – Branch Winner

    Nov 23, 2021 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    Congratulations to Sydney Support Operations Team being awarded Branch Winner Rescue of the Month for October 2021.
    On  17 October at 12.15 pm members of SLSS support services :  Sydney RCO, Duty Officer Eastern Beaches, SR30 crew, Support Ski 3, and Randwick Lifeguards were involved in a successful rescue south of Little Bay off the 18th Hole Coast Golf Club.
    13SURF downwards notification advising 2 people in water at Little Bay after boat capsized. Location South Little Bay.
    Rescue Crew person from SR30 were tasked to enter the water as per a risk assessment by the Skipper of SR30. SS3 operators tried to get the female from the boat but she was tied to the boat by rope. Rescue swimmer from SR30  was deployed to remove the female from boat that she tied her self to. The male skipper of the overturned vessel was taken to SR30 by SS3. The reason the Jet skis and SR30 where tasked to the job was due to the conditions on the water it was quite choppy and had a good size swell running with white caps on the ocean. The training by both SR30 crew and SS3 operator was the reason the rescue was a success.
    The Job was about 300m away from the cliff with a Southerly wind of about 15km plus we had a swell of about 3 to 4 foot Medium visibility and had some white caps on the ocean. It was a reflective swell off the cliff face that made it a difficult time to retrieve the 2 POI’s as the reflective swell hit by the southerly swell made the over turned boat move a lot in the water. At one stage the POI that was tied to the over tuned boat was going under water and she was classed as a near drowning patient. The out side Temp was about 23.
    A successful rescue with the team of services working together for a positive outcome.