• Sydney Branch Championships Update #3

    Feb 4, 2022 By Surf Live Saving Admin

    SLS Sydney Branch Championships Update #3 as at 11.30 am
    Following a review of conditions at Maroubra (beach currently closed by lifeguards) water events will be moved to Yarra Bay tomorrow and Sunday.
    A check at 6am tomorrow (Sat) will determine if U17/Open water areas are relocated to Maroubra. Plan to head to Yarra at the moment.
    Full details of logistics has been sent to Club by Branch office just now. Please note cancelled/postponed events and the need for competitors to bring their own food and water etc to Yarra is now on the SLS Sydney website.
    As noted in the Final Event Guide – Masters waters events will be postponed to a future date. Master beach events (all beach events) will proceed at Maroubra.